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My podcast episode with Amy Porterfield

Your Confidence Success Path for Showing Up Online

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Around 2013 or so I discovered Amy Porterfield. If you haven’t heard of her, she is a marketing expert, coach, podcaster, and all-around powerhouse. As a constant seeker of information, she was what I considered a fountain of information.

Her early videos were all about how to market yourself and I always admired how she showed up on camera teaching something she truly cared about. As time went on and remained a huge fan of her teachings and learned so much from her about how to venture into taking my coaching online.

In the back of my mind I always had the goal of one day working with her or being on her show once it launched.

Fast forward to 2020, not only has she given me the best advice on navigating these online education streets but I’m happy to say that my episode with Amy is live!

In my guest episode, we talk all about showing up intentionally and radiating confidence and my 5 step framework for how to do it.

Listen to the podcast here:

Check out the full transcrip

Check out the full transcript here.

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