My Viral Video: White Women Who Want to Help: Here’s how

I’ve gotten a ton of messages from women who have decided they want to stand up and be allies. I’m hoping this video brings some clarity on how to do that. 🙏🏾
This was hard to film. As passionate as I am about sharing to create change and connecting, I had very little bandwidth today.
But I know that these conversations are urgent. Send it to your friends if you are having trouble articulating. As black women, it is not our job to educate and carry the weight of anyone else’s guilt. Our load is full. It’s up to you to stand up become the go to amongst your friends. No more fear of using your voice and truly leading!! This is where things change.✊🏾

This site has a long list of resources as well as a post with helpful info.


And here:


If you are here because of you saw my IG post, thank you for being here.

It’s important to know that I am a business and mindset coach for creatives sharing my perspective and experiences honestly. All of us are just sharing our stories and spreading the word so more people will finally open their eyes. I hope this using my voice helps create change even in the smallest way.


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I'm Ivirlei

This space is where I share everything I've learned as a serial entrepreneur and creative who has learned the keys of using my creativity to manifest my best life & change the lives of my clients.


After privately coaching for over 10 years, I'm excited to finally share what I've learned through Mavenelle.


I'm driven by the opportunity to start conversations that may inspire and light fire within you.

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