Among the abundant list of responsibilities and events that you have to keep track of this holiday season, there’s always one important thing that seems to fall to the bottom of the list: self-care. Perhaps you’ve already ambitiously scheduled plenty of “me time” into your schedule, or maybe you’re not sure where to start. However, […]

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It is often said that Western medicine is good at treating acute disease but often poor regarding preventative healthcare. Living in a society full of stress-inducing distractions, we often lose touch with the most simple and ancient techniques for stress relief. One technique that we love is earth grounding. This is when you allow yourself […]

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Buddhist teachers often refer to the “Monkey Mind” as the state of mind that is unsettled, racing, like a monkey swinging from branch to branch.

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I don’t know anyone who hasn’t experienced the rut. You know those moments when you feel like you can’t come up with any good ideas? The juice feels dried up, and sometimes it’s there’s a despair that starts a downward doubt spiral. I get it. Many times I’ve felt the same thing. My fiance’ is […]

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