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Here’s a list of my 2020 resolutions (Not in any particular order).

My 2020 Resolutions

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Brookes Ivirlei

Well first off: Happy New Year! The energy is thick and it seems like everyone is riding the new year wave on and offline. I love this time of year.

It always brings out the optimism in most people and with that comes a lot of talk about goals and plans.

Some people aren’t big fans of New Year’s resolutions and I understand why. It’s true that we should all be taking the time out to improve ourselves year-round. So I get why people may not be feelin’ the idea or the pressure.

One thing about me is that I’m all about a new start. I’m super driven by reinventions, clean slates, and new energy. It’s to the point where my therapist has taught me tricks to create imaginary new starts in my head when I need to accomplish something that I’m procrastinating on.

So I look forward to NYE & I still love to create New Year’s resolutions. I don’t put extreme pressure on myself to accomplish them. Instead, I use them as themes to inspire me when creating my monthly and weekly goals.

2020 is a new chapter for me because not only am I taking my coaching business online for the first time, I’m also going to be planning a wedding.

That means elevated systems and habits and lifestyle changes to make sure that I am as effective and productive as possible.

Here’s a list of my 2020 resolutions (Not in any particular order).

Spend More Time Outdoors

Me giving my best, “I’m not freezing” face in these forest streets

I’ve never been much of an outdoor girl. I’m not too fond of creepy crawlies, and I pretty much hate the woods. It wasn’t until I moved to L.A. that I even thought about hiking. However, my fiance’ loves the outdoors. There’s literally nothing else besides music that lights him up the way being outdoors does. Needless to say, I’ve spent more time outdoors and these last few years and I ever have in my life.
Although I complained at first, over time, getting out into nature proved to be one of the most invigorating & renewing habits I’ve ever formed.
Whenever I’m out there, I feel expanded and free of the things that make me feel restricted like email, traffic, etc.

Practice: Jesse found a massive park in town that feels like an untouched oasis.
There are trails, hills, wildlife, steep inclines, and gorgeous views. There are tons of health benefits that come as a result of spending more time outdoors. The great thing is, this park feels like church for me, and we’ve started to go every morning.

Tip: Having a partner/ accountability buddy makes sticking to resolutions easier.

Commit to Batch Working

I’ve been teaching batch working to my clients for years. I know the benefits of it and I’ve seen the positive results that batch working can create. However, I’ve never had to implement it in my own workflow.

I work with clients one on one therefore, I give individual attention to each project. There’s never been anything to truly batch. I do block out time for social media, emails, research, and client strategy but the new incarnation of my business calls for a bit more structure and finesse.

Now that I have a blog, social media accounts, and products to manage, batch working has become a bigger priority.

In December, I set up a batch working system for myself to follow for the new year.

Practice: I go through my regular tasks and decide which ones I have to do regularly. I then take those tasks and batch them in daily or hourly sprints.

Tip: Close all tabs and put your phone on airplane mode until that particular batch is done.

Prioritize Learning new Things Just for me

I learned Adobe Photoshop in 2008. From there, I learned Adobe Premiere, InDesign, and more programs than I can name. I’ve always been a self-teacher. Nowadays, I learn programs mainly to be aware of what’s new and what could possibly be the best tool for my clients.

Because of that, I barely take time to learn anything just for me. For instance, I’ve always wanted to learn to speak Spanish. My fiance’ is fluent and he teaches me sentences but I’ve always wanted to be bilingual. I’ve also always wanted to learn to surf. Wish me luck on that one. ?

Practice: I’ve decided to sign myself for classes in advance and block out time in my calendar. I also started a shared document online with my friends so we can all share what we are learning together.

Tip: Create a reward for yourself when you hit certain milestones. For instance: If you want to learn to sew, set a goal to make a simple garment and buy yourself a cute bracelet to wear with what you made.

Cultivate Friendships

My beautiful friend Novi and & I

We’re all busy. Right?

Work, side hustles, kids, hubs, family…you get it.

Personally, I am a real hermit. I work from home, and I love it. But, like many solopreneurs, I lack an in-person connection with other adults.
I meet with clients online, and sometimes I talk to 10 people in one day in one on one or group chats.
It can be exhausting, but it’s weird because at the end of the day, I’ve talked to a gang of people, but I’ve been in my home the whole time.
I text my friends and keep up with them on social media, but this year I decided to truly water the seeds of the connections I’ve made.
Post comments and likes aren’t the same as sending flowers or stopping by with wine and goodies.

It’s important to me to get that in-person energy exchange to make sure my relationships are being cultivated, and my people really feel my love and support for them.

Practice: I’ve set the intention to put time on my calendar every 2 weeks to have girl time. That includes nail salon dates, cooking classes together, and good old movie nights with the women I love.

Tip: Buy tickets in advance, so it’s harder to back out if you’re having a rough day, etc.. Prioritize your girl time and treat it like you would a plant. Give it water (love) and watch it grow.

Do you believe in resolutions? Did you make any resolutions for 2020? Share with me what yours are if you did. Tag me on Instagram or comment below. I’ll definitely be cheering you on.?

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