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If the idea of selling gives you anxiety, this might help.

Mindset Tools for Creatives who Hate Selling

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Brookes Ivirlei


Hey, I’m Ivirlei. And if you clicked on this video, then that tells me that you’re probably one of those people who just hate selling. You’re like, “Girl, I would rather do anything else than have to do the selling in my business.” I mean, you might even get the bubble guts thinking about having to do it and it’s okay because I’ve been there before.

This video is going to give you some tools so that you can retrain your mind around selling and become more comfortable so that you can be more profitable in your business.

Okay, so we are all salespeople. If you have a job right now, most likely you had to sell yourself in that job interview to get the job. And if you’re going up for a promotion, you’re going to be selling yourselves to corporate, or whoever else, to get the promotion. So it’s not just about having a product or service, although my videos are based on entrepreneurs, it really goes for anybody. We have to sell ourselves throughout the course of our lives. So it’s only a good thing for us to figure out how to remove the intimidation behind being a good salesperson and reframe how we see sales as a whole.

Change Your Language

I tell my clients all the time, “Before we make any adjustments, you have to adjust the way that you speak to yourself and about yourself.” So if you’ve gotten really used to saying, “I’m a bad salesperson.” Or, “I hate sales.” Always remember the, “I am”, whatever comes after that is your creation. You are creating an identity for yourself. So you have to stop telling people or telling yourself, “I’m bad at this. I suck at this. I was never good at this.”

That’s who you were, you are now creating a new experience for yourself. Because remember, all of that can be molded, all of it. Whatever you think you are, you can change that to something else. So you can replace that with, “I am new at sales and I am getting better.” Saying, “I am terrible at something.” only keeps you in this little box where you’re not even open to learning. That’s the first change you want to make.

Reframe the Art of Selling In your Mind

So think about when you walk into the store and you find a random product, you take it home and Oh my God girl, it is just a game-changer. It is the best thing ever. What do you start doing? Calling your friends, sending it to people, sharing it on social media. Why? Because you’re excited about the result and you naturally want to share it with people. Nobody had to pay you to do that. That’s how you want to be about your product or your service. You want to be excited about it because you know what it’s going to do for people. If you have something that you know for a fact is going to create change for people, now it becomes a responsibility for you to give it to them. You have to take all of your ideas about what selling is and reframe it and look at it as an act of service. This is an exchange. You’re giving them what you have and they are paying you for that thing. This is an exchange that improves both of your lives and there is no harm and no foul. Now the world is a better place because you decided to step into your purpose and give what it is you have to give.

Get Confident in Your Offerings

You want to get 100% certain and be the expert at what you’re offering. How did you make it? What does it do? What is the transformation that people will get out of it? And that comes from being very in tune with what people’s problems are. When you made this product, what pain point were you addressing? Go through the top and the bottom and the left and the right of what your product is, so that there’s not one question that could be asked about it that you wouldn’t be able to answer.

When you know it’s value, then you know who it’s for and actually who was not for. You don’t want to go into any situation feeling a little insecure about the price or, “I’m not too sure of this thing works.” Because it’s energetic. It’s going to come off of you and onto the person you’re selling to. Confidence comes from information, remember that. So if there’s any part of what you’re selling that you don’t believe in, you got to fix that so you do feel good about what you’re offering. You have to know it’s the best thing for the people who need it before you ever try to go sell it.

Connect to Your Source

My last tip is something that’s personal to me. You don’t have to do it, but I’m just going to share with you the things that I have used. Whenever I’m about to sell something or I’m about to sit down and do a video, whatever, I try to connect with Source and say, “Please allow what I’m doing or what I’m saying, to connect to the people who need it most.” I’m not for everybody, you’re not for everybody. But, your goal is to get to the people who do want what you have to offer or who you are. That’s just a personal tip that I use. It makes me feel better about what I’m doing. If I’m ever nervous, I try to tell myself that there is somebody out there who can be helped by it. And even if only that person cares, I’ve done my job.

Let me know if these tips were helpful to you. These are the things that I did in my own life when I was feeling insecure or just nervous about selling. I used these exact tools to change how I felt about being a salesperson and they really did change things for me. So let me know how you feel about them and what you’re currently feeling about sales in your own life. Leave me a comment down below, I would love to keep talking to you guys. Again, if you’re watching this, thank you so much for being here. I truly appreciate it. I hope that this was helpful for you and I hope to talk to you again soon.

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