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Today’s video is all about the first thing you need to consider before hiring a coach. Unfortunately, it’s not the video that’s going to tell you what you need to look for and what questions you want to ask them (I mean I could do that video for you guys if you want it, let me know in the comments) but this ain’t it.

This video comes way before deciding what coach you want to work with. This one is actually like a chin check for yourself to be like, okay self, let’s keep it real. One of the things that I see a lot is a lot of entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs use coaching as a way to procrastinate, so they don’t have to launch, or start. Yeah. You just got to go ahead and keep it funky. Like sometimes we’re using educational opportunities in order to give ourselves an excuse. You don’t always need another coach. If this is your fifth one in the last couple months, boo, you don’t need another one, you don’t need another course. You don’t need another freebie, you don’t need another module.

Now let me pause and say that I am in full support of hiring a coach. I am a coach, and I have a coach in every area of my life, almost. From finances to fitness to relationship. I mean I have a therapist. I make sure that I’m fully covered, because I know that in order to go from one level to the top level, you’re going to need experts around you, and you’re not always able to do it yourself. I can’t recognize my blind spots all the time. I’m going to need people around me to make sure that I reach my full potential. So I am 100% in favor. I’m not saying that you don’t need a coach, I’m saying you need to be real with yourself before you get a coach. I have talked to so many people where they’ve got every module, and they’ve got every free class and mastermind and all of this, and guess what? That’s great. You want to go ahead and get those things, but ask yourself and be honest, am I doing this so I can have an excuse why I didn’t get started on my business?

There’s a coach on every freaking corner you click on, I mean, there is a freebie, busting out the wazoo everywhere you look. However, you have to be conscious of your own ways of self-sabotaging, and make sure that you’re not just bullshitting yourself. And I’m just going to put it out there and be honest. I’ve done it plenty of times. I’ve talked myself into how many classes I needed to take. Oh girl, this going to be another four months. And really, I was just too scared to just start and launch. Take inventory on if your actions are inspired or not. Look at your blind spots and be like, okay girl, what are we really doing over here? Are we doing this because we need to or not?

And just make sure that wherever you’re going with your coaching or with your classes, it is something that you actually believe in and it’s not something that’s self-sabotage. I love this topic. I love talking to you guys about it. Let me know in the comments how you feel about this topic @weareavenelle on Instagram, Mavenelle.com is the website and the blog. (Video recorded before site name change) Talk to me about it. I want to open a dialogue about this, because there’s an accountability that happens when you get honest about this topic, and I’m all about it. So I will talk to you guys soon.

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