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I'm Ivirlei Brookes and Mavenelle is my little corner of the interwebs where I share my experience, tips, advice, & resources for creative women seeking to uplevel their experience. I am a Business & Mindset coach born and raised in the midwest by a southern family. Outside of coaching, I am an actress and serial entrepreneur. The beginning of my coaching career started when I became a dating coach for men. Yes, really. I was like the female "Hitch" without the matchmaking.

Although it wasn't my first business, it was the phase of my life that ignited my passion for coaching. Nobody was a coach back then and many people didn't take me seriously at first, however, I built my business from the ground up and achieved financial independence for the first time. But it wasn't long before sh*t hit the fan. A few times.

Those breaking points built me up and taught me everything I needed to know to create the life I have today.

I've not only paid my dues as a coach for over 10 years, I've gone through the personal transformations that I teach my clients, I'm passionate about using my voice and experience to help thinkers, creators and entrepreneurs build thriving businesses, master their mindset, nurture their creative spirit & create their dream life.


I believe that..

Wanna Know More?

Wanna Know More?

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