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 We believe that success looks different for everyone, and each of us deserves the space, time, and ability to curate a life that makes us feel whole, supported and seen. Our app features guided meditations, active meditations, guided journaling, and daily affirmations to support users in their everyday mindfulness goals. We champion those making a unique path for themselves and celebrate the dreamers, disruptors, and visionaries.

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 Mavenelle is a personal development and wellness focused mobile app uniquely designed to support you in becoming the designer of your dream life. our app offers active meditations, introspective journal prompts, and inspiring daily affirmations.

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-Ivirlei brookes, founder

"I constantly searched for a mobile app that focused on wellness practices but also encompassed daily personal development. I never found it, so I decided to create it."

Ivirlei is most known as a business coach, helping women from all over the world build their brand and recognize their own inherent power. After coaching for a while, she transitioned into mentorship for budding entrepreneurs, while simultaneously building Mavenelle- a wellness app designed for ambitious women who wanted to incorporate more mindfulness into their everyday lives. Ivirlei is known for her powerful communication style, authentic humor, and infectious personality.

Her passion lies in helping women discover their unique path to achieving their dreams while putting their wellbeing first. She was most recently chosen as one of Ulta's Muse 100 honoring 100 black voices making change in the wellness space.

entrepreneur, mentor, and actor.

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